Help writing a twitter bio

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Want to improve your personal brand®? Hire a guru for a perfect Twitter bio

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10 Tips on How to Write an Author Bio

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6 Tips for Writing a Professional Social Media Bio

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7 Key Ingredients of a Great Twitter Bio

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Mastering The Real Estate Agent Bio

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Writing Your Personal Brand Bio When You Change Careers

This is also helpful if you have a separate Handle for customer support or a help desk. Though Twitter’s own advanced search does pretty well in searching the appropriate twitter followers based on age, demographics and other data like keywords in twitter bio and tweets, it is always beneficial to use a tool that is specifically built for it.

Twitter Handles are clickable within Twitter bios, so just include @username and people will be able to easily get to your other brand’s account. This is also helpful if you have a separate Handle for customer support or a help desk. If you want to get freelance writing clients on Twitter, I don’t recommend pitching to them on Twitter.

Most people don’t check their Twitter direct messages, and if it’s a business account you’re reaching out to, you’ll probably only reach their social media intern and not the hiring manager.

If you fall into the commercial camp, it may help to think of your Twitter bio as a a copywriting exercise. The product is you and you have characters not just to summarize it, but sell it to an indifferent, anonymous audience.

That means your bio must capture the attention of a potential follower in about 20 words. Writing 20 words shouldn’t be tough, but it’s actually harder to write succinctly than it is to write at length.

Here are five important tips to help you write your Twitter bio, along with some good Twitter bio examples.

Help writing a twitter bio
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