2012 electoral college projection

Race tightens in projected U.S. Electoral College vote: Reuters/Ipsos

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Indian presidential election, 2012

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The electoral college was established in the US Constitution to represent a mixed system of electing the Prez and the VP – each state is allocated a number of electors equal to its senators (2/state, regardless of population, or size) and its Congressfolk (apportioned by population).

An updated Electoral College projection from Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball predicts that Hillary Clinton will demolish Donald Trump in the general election this fall. The website, which is run by.

2 Because of anomalies in the data, we use both the and November CPS as the basis for the projection in Arizona. 3 Inthe Center for Immigration Studies projected that Hispanics would comprise percent of the national electorate in the upcoming election in November.

Did you see the map for college educated whites, it’s pretty red. vspretty big win. Per Roper Center / Cornell exit polls, by income, 50K and under voted obama (almost ) and Hillary The Electoral College, which is a unique system of electing American presidents, has in its two-century history, been trailed by anger, excitement, criticisms and misconception.

The final Electoral College projection by Rasmussen Reports showed safe electoral votes for Barack Obama, safe electoral votes for Mitt Romney, and eight toss-up states with a total of 95 electoral .

2012 electoral college projection
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Obama vs. Romney Electoral Map